Our structural engineering department

Our goal is to democratize access to building engineering

Optimax Structures, a design firm specializing in metal and wood structures, was founded in 2012 near Rennes. With over 20 years of experience in structural design and a passion for new technologies, we launched Eurocodes Tools in 2019.

Our goal? To democratize access to building engineering. Our dynamic team consists of structural engineers, photovoltaic specialists, and software and web developers.

Our expertise

Our expertise has been forged on numerous construction sites (schools, hospitals, restaurants, train stations, etc.) and through building diagnostics for insurance companies. We have specialized in the analysis of photovoltaic shelters structures, strictly following the regulations in force.

We provide you with all the documents attesting to the compliance of your structure with the Eurocodes, as well as the plans necessary for its manufacture and assembly.

Project examples: Paris Police Headquarters - Île de la Cité - Paris (75) and UNIQLO store - Rennes (35)

Our history

2012 - Creation of the Optimax Structures design office

Our story began in 2012 with the creation of the Optimax Structures design office, specializing in steel and wood structure calculations for all types of buildings. From the outset, we have put our expertise at the service of various construction sites, such as schools, hospitals, restaurants and train stations, to name but a few.

2018 - Creation of a software for calculating the travel paths of overhead cranes

In 2018, we took a new step by developing a software for calculating the travel paths of overhead cranes, accompanied by a dedicated mechanical solver. This innovation has enabled us to strengthen our position in the market and expand our range of services.

2019 - Launch of the Eurocodes Tools platform

The year 2019 was marked by several major advances. First, we created the Eurocodes Zoning software, an essential tool for building professionals. At the same time, we developed an interactive library to obtain the operating loads of a building according to its use. Finally, we put the Eurocodes Tools platform online, thus providing facilitated access to our services and software.

2020 - Specialization in the analysis of photovoltaic shelter structures

In 2020, we specialized in the analysis of photovoltaic shelter structures. To meet the specific needs of this market, we created a complete and extremely fast mechanical solver capable of running on the web. We also published several specialized software, such as the one dedicated to the sizing of lifting lugs with automatic consideration of the amplification of forces due to slinging, and the one for the calculation of bolted joints of wooden frames.

2021 - Creation of the PV-Shelters software

The year 2021 saw the publication of a software specialized in the analysis of the effects of wind on aerodynamically insulated roofs. We also created the PV-Shelters software for internal use within the company, thus laying the foundations for our future offer dedicated to photovoltaic shelters.

2022 - 2023 - Improvement of the PV-Shelters software and start of user testing

Between 2022 and 2023, our PV-Shelters software was tested by a small group of specialized professionals. Thanks to their valuable feedback, we were able to refine and improve our tool to better meet the expectations of the market.

2024 - Public launch of the PV-Shelters software

Finally, in 2024, we plan to publish the PV-Shelters software in a public version, with the analysis of preliminary projects as a new feature. This important step will mark the culmination of our efforts to facilitate access to building engineering and support professionals in their photovoltaic shelters projects.

Our values

Our software is developed in Brittany and your data is hosted in France

Our team is based in France and we host our users' data on French servers to ensure a high level of security and compliance with current regulations.

We are here to listen to your needs

We are here to listen to your needs and strive to provide you with detailed documents and a support service.

We find solutions to optimize your project

Our goal? To optimize the structures you entrust to us as best as possible, both in terms of raw material consumption and realization time.

Why did we create the PV-Shelters software?

The PV-Shelters software was initially developed to simplify our design work. Made available online to facilitate the transmission of information, it quickly generated enthusiasm among our users.

Today, it is available to the public with a preliminary project phase mode of operation to work autonomously during quotes, and a execution phase mode to involve our experts and ensure the compliance of your project with Eurocodes standards.