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What are the Eurocodes ?
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Info about Eurocodes and structural calculations software :

Eurocode 1 - Actions on buildings

Eurocode 3 - Steel structures

Eurocode 5 - Timber structures

What is Eurocodes Tools ?

Eurocodes Tools is a platform that brings together several structural calculations software according to Eurocodes standards and info on their use. They are all available online in your browser.

Our calculation tools for building design are in constant evolution. Their improvements are made from your requests and returns.

You can share your calculations reports directly from the Eurocodes Tools platform. A single version for all our users, no more compatibility issues, your files are automatically upgraded and your collaborators always have the latest version of your calculation reports.

What can I do with an account ?

Your registration is free and only takes a few seconds. Your free account allows you to try all software in test version and view the results of projects shared by your collaborators.

If you like our concept and our calculations softwares, you can activate the complete license :

You are a student or a teacher: we offer you all licenses free of charge upon presentation of proof.

I need a tool for building design but it does not exist, how to proceed ?

  1. Describe your need and send your request : Click to send an e-mail .

    The category 'Eurocodes calculation tools' on the discussions pages can also be a good way to define a common need with your colleagues.

  2. Two possibilities:
    • It is quick to develop: the platform Eurocodes-Tools self-financing the new software and sharing it.
    • It's a long time to develop: a specification is drafted and then we agree on an amount to finance it.