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Info about Eurocodes and structural calculations software

Eurocode 1
Actions on buildings

Eurocode 3
Steel structures

Eurocode 5
Timber structures

What is ?

Eurocodes Tools is a platform that brings together several structural calculations software according to Eurocodes standards and info on their use. They are all available online in your browser.

Why choose our structural calculation software ?

Easy to use

No complex modeling, no incomprehensible parameters to enter, or training lasting several days, the interfaces are designed in the form of pragmatic questions / answers. Then just use the « calculate » button to get the results.

Understandable results

In the same spirit of simplicity, we present the calculation results in a concise manner with :


All our software is free without having to enter bank details.
Difficult to do less expensive !

Always the last version

A single version for all our users, no more compatibility issues, your files are automatically upgraded and your collaborators always have the latest version of your calculation reports.
Check out the most recent updates.

Online translation

All our software is developed in English and French languages.
Try to change the language in the menu at the top left ! (Go see what's behind this icon: )
You can also translate the interfaces and the results to any language using the translation function of your internet browser.

What can I do with an account ?

Your free account allows you :
  1. to use all calculation software
  2. to view the results of projects shared with you by your collaborators
  3. to send your questions and to answers on the forum

What are we talking about on the forum ?

See discussions or ask a question