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Info about Eurocodes and structural calculations software

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Snow zone, wind zone, seismic zone and associated calculation parameters (altitude, snow loads, orography, directional factors, terrain roughnesses, peak velocity wind pressure) for a given location.
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What are snow, wind and seismic zones?
Eurocodes - Seismic zones map - Belgium (2011-2024)Eurocodes - Wind zones map - Italy (2010-2024)Eurocodes - Snow zones map - France (2011-2024)
Design of a lifting lug according to the load to be lifted:
  • Automatic determination of the design force as a function of the lifting device and slinging,
  • ULS checks of many failure modes according to the Eurocode 3,
  • Automatic production of technical drawings.
  • Advanced service : complete and detailed report (as requested by insurance companies and inspection offices).
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How to calculate lifting lugs?
Homemade lifting lugDrawing of a lifting lug
Design of runways for top-mounted cranes:
  • Calculations of the actions of the lifting device according to Eurocode 1 part 3,
  • Iterative mechanical analysis (for each position of the device),
  • ULS/SLS checks of crane runways according to the Eurocode 3 part 6.
  • Advanced service : complete and detailed report (as requested by insurance companies and inspection offices).
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How to calculate crane runways?
Underslung crane bridgeMonorail hoist blockTop mounted crane bridgeSection of crane runways
Advanced service

Do you need help in the design of your project or a certification of your results ?
Our design department can provide you with a certified calculation report and thus you will benefit from our insurance.

Other softwares
Imposed loads on buildings according to Eurocode 1 part 1-1 arising from occupancy.
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What are imposed loads?

Wind actions on canopy roofs according to Eurocode 1 part 1-4 §7.3.
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What are canopy roofs ?

What is ?

Eurocodes Tools is a platform that brings together several structural calculations software according to Eurocodes standards and info on their use. They are all available online in your browser.

What can I do with an account ?

Your free account allows you :
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Why choose our structural calculation software ?

Easy to use

No complex modeling, no incomprehensible parameters to enter, or training lasting several days, the interfaces are designed in the form of pragmatic questions / answers. Then just use the « calculate » button to get the results.

Understandable results

In the same spirit of simplicity, we present the calculation results in a concise manner with :
  • the essential steps of the calculation,
  • a presentation of the results obtained using 2 colors :
    • in green: the work-rate is less than or equal to 100%, the result therefore meets the standard,
    • in red: the work-rate is more than 100%, so need to adjust the input data.
  • illustrations using diagrams and sketches integrated into the calculation report or downloadable plans in DXF format.


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A single version for all our users, no more compatibility issues, your files are automatically upgraded and your collaborators always have the latest version of your calculation reports.
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All our software is developed in English and French languages.
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You can also translate the interfaces and the results to any language using the translation function of your internet browser.

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