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Welcome to Eurocodes Tools

You are a project manager, technical salesperson, or development director within a photovoltaic company?

Do you want to accelerate the study cycle and subcontractor consultation for your photovoltaic carport projects?

Then Eurocodes Tools is your essential ally! Calculate easily and build your projects sustainably, within the time allotted to you.

Reduce study costs and save valuable time: in less than 5 minutes, our calculation software provides you with the first key elements of the preliminary study for your photovoltaic shelter metal structure.

In the execution phase, speed up your process and work with our integrated engineering department to obtain your execution study within 48 hours, opposable to the control office, thus making it easy to obtain financing for your carport and ensure the success of your project.

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Live 3D visualization!

Eurocodes Tools goes beyond traditional tools by providing an immersive visual experience with a 3D model generated automatically in your web browser.

It extracts a cropped PNG image for landscape integration in your building permit file or to serve as a visual support during the project presentation to the client.

With Eurocodes Tools, your project comes to life with a visualization that evolves at a rapid pace!
Preliminary study

Discover the power of our preliminary study through our Eurocodes Tools software to quickly assess the robustness of your carport structure. Thanks to automatic calculations, Eurocodes Tools generates climatic actions, optimizes resistance, and provides clear results, including load distribution and steel tonnage. Our preliminary study, a key to your commercial success, offers you a solid foundation for informed decisions.

Fully leverage the results with our integrated budget spreadsheet, based on average prices per segment, to finalize the budget for the mechanical lot of your carport with total flexibility in the financial management of your project.

Avec Eurocodes Tools, le contrôle de votre budget est entre vos mains !
Execution study

In the execution phase, ensure success by obtaining validation for your study from our integrated engineering office. Our engineers collaborate with you to optimize the design, with calculations covered by our ten-year warranty, ensuring you total peace of mind. This process results in a comprehensive study report, to be shared with the control office and crucial for the financing of your photovoltaic carport.

Customize your project by adding optional general, sectional, and detailed plans, the manufacturing file, and the assembly file of the metal structure, as well as the study of concrete foundations including the calculation note and reinforcement plans. This approach provides you with a complete solution, perfectly tailored to meet your specific needs, with total assurance.

Your satisfaction and the success of your project remain at the heart of our commitment!
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