Our offers revolve around three proposals with credit-based management.
EC Zoning
Eurocode Zoning to determine the resistance conditions of your structure.
Start with:
Location, Altitudes
Snow, wind, and seismic zoning
Values of calculation coefficients
Maps of snow, wind, and seismic zones
Preliminary study
Conduct your preliminary study with our powerful online software
14 credits per preliminary study
The entire EC Zoning plan, plus:
Modeling and automatic loading of the structure
Validation of the resistance of the structure (excluding purlins)
Load distribution of the metal structure
Implantation plan in DXF and in the PDF report
Execution study
Your complete certified study covered by our ten-year insurance!
50 credits per study
The entire Preliminary Study plan, plus:
Detail of the loads applied to the photovoltaic shelter (Eurocode 1)
Detail of load combinations (Eurocode 0)
Details of mechanical calculations
Details of element verifications (Eurocode 3)
Details of verifications and description of connections (Eurocode 3)
Details of forces circulating in the roof plane
Definition and verification of bracing elements (Eurocode 3)
Optimization and certification by our engineering department
Ten-year insurance

Credit pack

Enjoy decreasing rates by purchasing credit packs!
(1 - 99 credits)
18€ excl. VAT per credit
Equivalent to:
252€ for a preliminary study
900€ for an execution study
Perfect for occasional needs
(100 - 499 credits)
17,46€ excl. VAT per credit
Equivalent to:
244,44€ for a preliminary study
873€ for an execution study
Ideal for medium-sized projects
(500-999 credits)
16,2€ excl. VAT per credit
Equivalent to:
226,80€ for a preliminary study
810€ for an execution study
The ideal solution for large projects
(1000 and more credits)
15,3€ excl. VAT per credit
Equivalent to:
214,20€ for a preliminary study
765€ for an execution study
For maximum flexibility in your studies
Custom Pack
(contact us)
We create a customized pack according to your specific needs
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