Photovoltaic Shelters Structure Calculator: Design & Analysis

Our innovative SAAS solution for designing your photovoltaic shelters in 5 minutes.

Welcome to the PV-Shelters universe, your exclusive SAAS tool designed by Eurocodes Tools to simplify the financial assessment and execution of your photovoltaic shelters.

Our calculator provides a comprehensive approach with two key features: pre-study in the pre-project phase and execution study, all accessible from a single user-friendly interface.

Key Features

1- Architectural flexibility

Choose from four different architectures to customize your photovoltaic shelters according to your specific needs. From centered to off-centered and even inclined columns, find the solution that aligns with your vision and your client's requirements.

2 - User-friendly interface

Based on your photovoltaic project information, specify the inclination, length, and width dimensions of your roof. Refine details such as lateral overhang and the distance between rafters while visualizing the carport construction in real-time. Select the construction location on a map, launch the analysis with a single click and immediately view the results. Our PV-Shelters software will automatically provide you with a selection of structural elements suitable for your project, or you can also perform manual tests according to your preferences.

3 - Preliminary study in the pre-project phase

Easily access preliminary study results for a reliable budget and visual arguments. Our pre-study report will provide certainty about the technical and economic feasibility of your design

3D visualization
Estimated budget
Project location and altitude
Summary of permanent and climatic load assumptions
Validation of main elements
Load distribution
Cross-section view, long-side view, and aerial views

Get an indication of market prices, adjust as needed, and add a profit margin to calculate your selling price directly

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4 - Execution study certified by our engineers and insured for ten years by our structural design office

Move on to the execution study for detailed design, our structural engineering department will offer optimization suggestions and provide a comprehensive report within 48 hours

Detailed characteristics of the calculation model.
Calculation details according to Eurocode 1 for applied loads.
Load combinations according to Eurocode 0.
Mechanical analysis details.
Details of checks on steel elements and joints according to Eurocode 3.
Calculation details of anchorages according to Eurocodes 2 and 3.
Pre-embedding plates plan for laser cutting, Layout Plan, and Model Axonometry in dxf format.
A warranty on work provided by our study office.
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5 - Custom options

Create your landscaping integration in an instant. Select a photo of your building site or parking lot, then position the 3D rendered image of the shelter, and you're done! You can then use it to assemble your building permit or convince your client.
Take advantage of our personalized studies and additional study supplements. Feel free to contact us for any additional services required. We will be happy to discuss your needs with you!

PV-Shelters simplifies every step of the process, making the design of photovoltaic shelters a breeze for everyone. Turn your ideas into reality with our cutting-edge SAAS solution