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Calculation of photovoltaic shelters - versions

01-0910 : Alpha version 14 (26 novembre 2022)

Added functionality to create photovoltaic shelters with angled columns.

01-0811 : Alpha version 13 (27 octobre 2022)

Adjusted the position of the column stiffeners and refined the associated sketches.

01-0803 : Alpha version 12 (19 octobre 2022)

Improvement of the diffusion of friction (longitudinal wind on the roof) towards the purlins + various fixes.

01-0719 : Alpha version 11 (05 octobre 2022)

Improved post-processing of actions from the longitudinal stability system.

01-0614 : Alpha version 10 (30 août 2022)

Automatic design of the longitudinal stability system.

01-0504 : Alpha version 9 (20 juillet 2022)

Automatic design of connections by software artificial intelligence.

01-0428 : Alpha version 8 (14 juillet 2022)

Sketch of the column top end plate.

01-0415 : Alpha version 7 (01 juillet 2022)

The definition of the location of the construction is now done without the need to import the data from « Eurocodes Zoning » and the surface of the roof is drawn on the satellite view for a better understanding of its orientation.

01-0321 : Alpha version 6 (06 juin 2022)

Description of structural behavior and construction principles + Sketches of the diagonal braces gussets.

00-1111 : Alpha version 5 (27 janvier 2022)

The sketch indicating the dimensions of the portal frames and the layout plan are available directly in the results report.

00-1106 : Alpha version 4 (22 janvier 2022)

ULS checkings are fully functional for members.

00-0914 : Alpha version 3 (30 novembre 2021)

New modeling options available during data entry. SLS checkings are fully functional. The classification of the cross sections is carried out according to the stress due to the loading combination studied. ULS checkings of left and right diagonal braces are fully functional. ULS checkings of the column and the rafter are in progress (only buckling is carried out).

00-0727 : Alpha version 2 (13 octobre 2021)

Display of axial forces, shears forces and bending moments diagrams. Display of the overall displacement of the nodes and deflections of the rafter. Display of a ULS / SLS results table (actually non-functional).

00-0614 : Alpha version 1 (30 août 2021)

Generation of loads distribution on the concrete foundation blocks (to be used only as a preliminary study or estimate).

00-0402 : Export of the calculation model as a DXF file (18 juin 2021)

The calculation model can be exported to a CAD DXF file. The file is automatically generated by clicking on a download button. It contains the axes of the steel structure and the roof in scale 1:1 and the dimension measurements (each is included in a different layer).

00-0305 : Import from Eurocodes Zoning (21 mai 2021)

New link with Eurocodes Zoning.

00-0000 : First upload (16 février 2021)

Calculation of monopitch and monopod photovoltaic shelters.