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How to design the structure of a photovoltaic shelter ?

The structural design according to the Eurocodes standards usually requires the use of a structural design office, which can generate significant costs from the preliminary project phase and a response time that can be long.

We therefore provide you with software that will allow you to design free of charge and without delay the structure of photovoltaic shelters:
Just fill out the form:
Form overview - structureForm overview - climate actions
Then run the calculations to get your results.
We can also provide you an additional service for certification of results before the execution phase and covered in France by a ten-year insurance.

Design a photovoltaic shelter in less than 4 minutes ?

This video was recorded in September 2022.
The software is currently evolving very quickly, so it is likely that new features will not be presented.

Automated analyses

Here is, in broad outline, the list of analyzes performed automatically by the software:

Software Information

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Scheduled for fall 2023 - Contact us to get your early access