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Execution phase and insurance

These free documents are not valid for execution, which is why we offer you an additional service which consists of the provision of a report certified for execution by our design department and covered in France by our ten-year insurance.
Of course, we are committed to providing you with all our expertise to optimize the structure.
Certified calculation report Details of forces passing through the roof plane Details of element checks (Eurocode 3) Description of connections Details of connections checks (Eurocode 3)

Software Information

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The platform offers free software that is accessible in your web browser.
Features Free version Additional service
Calculation report Synthetic Complete and detailed
Mass of steel frames
Loads distribution report For price consultation For execution
Layout plan
Structure sketch With measurements Fully measured
Details of the loads applied to the construction (Eurocode 1)
Details of load combinations (Eurocode 0)
Details of mechanical calculations
Details of element checks (Eurocode 3)
Details of checks and description of connections (Eurocode 3)
Details of forces passing through the roof plane
Definition and verification of roof bracing (Eurocode 3)
Optimization and certification by our design department
Ten-year insurance (valid in France)
Price Free From 490€ excl.
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Other services offered

Your single point of contact will answer all your questions, whether about the design of your photovoltaic shelter or the features of the software.

We also work with a network of competent engineers to offer you services not included in our additional service offer: If you ask us, we will then consult our partners to send you an offer adapted to your needs and at the best price.
Scheduled for spring 2023 - Contact us to get your early access