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Calculation of a lifting lug for handling - versions

01-1117 : New display of results (14 mars 2022)

The results are displayed in a synthetic way to be used in preliminary study + Improved generation of drawings in DXF format.

01-0224 : Distribution of stresses in weld beads (18 juin 2021)

Minor fix.

01-0209 : Tensile stress of the weld bead (03 juin 2021)

Modification of stress distribution.

00-0218 : Export of the results as a DXF file (12 juin 2020)

The calculated lifting lug can be exported to a CAD DXF file. The file is automatically generated by clicking on a download button. It contains the lifting lug outline in scale 1:1, the dimension measurements, the steel class and the thickness (each is included in a different layer).

00-0027 : New 3D lifting modeling (21 avril 2020)

The 3D model makes it easier to check the geometry of the workpiece and the angles of the slings.

00-0016 : Automatic design of the lifting lug (10 avril 2020)

The lifting lugs can be calculated without first entering the dimensions. The software will automatically determine the most suitable geometry and thickness depending on the intensity and angle of the force to be taken up.

00-0000 : First upload (usable only for projects bound for France) (25 mars 2020)

Verification of lifting lugs and weldings with the usage factors recommended by French legislation.