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Author of this online service

Personal profile

I'm Stéphane PERRIN, years old and structural engineer since years.
My passion for programming and my creativity are at the service of the building industry to design simple and efficient calculation tools.
You can mail me on : Click to send an e-mail.
Stéphane PERRIN - creator of Eurocodes Tools

Structural engineering education

  • 2013 : Seismic design training with Darius AMIR-MAZAHERI – Paris
  • 2011 : Training for business creation project - Chambers of Commerce and Industry - Rennes
  • 2007 : Three-year university degree in design and manufacturing of buildings structures – University of West Brittany – Brest
  • 2002 : Two-year technical degree in steel structures - Yves Thépot High School - Quimper
  • 2000 : French secondary school diploma - major: steel structures – Vauban High School – Brest

Software design skills

Self-Reliance, logic, attention to detail, patience, determination.
Programming languages:
  • Coding with Python 3 and Numpy (matrix calculation).
  • Development of nice web pages with HTML5, CSS3 and LaTeX.
  • Dynamic and intelligent website with Javascript and AngularJS.
  • 2D visualization with SVG and 3D visualization with WebGL.
Working knowledge of english.

My work experiences

  • october 2018 - today (5 years and 5 months):
    Webmaster / Software designer - Author of Eurocodes Tools platform loaded online during 2020.
  • december 2012 - today (11 years and 3 months):
    Structural calculation engineer - Founder of OPTIMAX Structures company
    Design of :
    • steel structures according to EC3.
    • stainless steel structures according to part 1-4 of EC3.
    • crane runways according to Part 6 of EC3.
    • solid timber / glulam frames and connections according to EC5.
    • aluminium structures according to EC9.
    Seismic design according to EC8.
    Checking according to fire rules.
    Post-disaster recovery studies.
    In various European countries.
  • september 2014 - march 2020 (5 years and 7 months):
    Software and web developer - Co-founder of company
    Creation and development of a structural calculation software according to Eurocodes.
    April 2020: transfer of the source code to another software company.
  • March 2010 - December 2012 (2 years and 10 months):
    Manager of the engineering and design department - Roiné company
    Organization of the department.
    Optimization of drawing and calculation tools.
    Regulatory watch, quality monitoring.
    Team training.
    Timber frame design according to CB71 standard and EC5.
  • April 2008 - March 2010 (2 years):
    Structural calculation engineer - Baume company
    Design of steel structures and crane runways according to CM66.
    Projects follow-up.
    Preparation of quotings.
    Regulatory watch.
  • June 2007 - April 2008 (1 year and 1 month):
    Structural calculation engineer and drafter - Cèdres Industries company
    Design of steel tubular structures according to CM66 standard, CIDECT guides and EC3.
    Execution and production drawings.
    Regulatory watch.
  • May 2004 - March 2005 (11 months):
    Structural steel drafter - OMS company
    Execution and production drawings.
  • October 2002 - November 2003 (1 year and 2 months):
    Structural steel drafter (scenic structures) - SENETEC company
    Execution and production drawings.
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